Ashraful believes that Mashrafe can perform even at the age of 50

Just the number of wickets does not tell the whole picture. Mashrafe is stopping the opposing batsmen with great line-lengths with the new ball in almost every match. He is bowling with equal enthusiasm in the last overs as required by the team.

Just as Ashraful is impressed by this Mashrafe, there is also a side of concern in his eyes. He brought up both aspects while talking to the media as a guest at an event at Mirpur City Club ground on Sunday.

“For those who are really talented, age doesn’t really matter. It’s just a number. As he (Mashrafi) is an innate talent, he will be able to perform in 50 years, I believe.”

“On the one hand it is positive, on the other hand it seems like we are improving or not. Because he (Mashrafi) bowls 3 overs in the power play at 110 (km per hour) pace, with excellent line length. But our top players… he is getting out, can’t hit power. At that point, the question is whether our game is actually improving or not.”

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