Why is the student not getting Shabiprobi despite calling repeatedly?

He said, “Because a student is not getting a seat even after applying to five universities in a batch due to lack of coordination. Because of not getting a seat, the parents are in trouble with their children, they have become hopeless.”

This professor feels that Shahjalal University should come out of the cluster examination system.

He said, “Earlier the perception and faith of everyone towards this university is decreasing day by day. Shahjalal University is losing its identity day by day.

“I would say, like Dhaka University, Shahjalal should take the admission test in different departments out of the bunch. Then Shahjalal University will be able to maintain its previous position”, added Professor Mahibul.

This time the admission fee has increased

Professor Rashed Talukdar, president of the admission committee of the first year of graduation, said that the total admission fee of Shahjalal University is 15 thousand taka. Rs 5000 was taken earlier through GST; Students should bring 10 thousand rupees on the day of final admission.

If a student is admitted in another university, then the admission receipt of the concerned university should be brought along. If submitted earlier, no further submission is required.

Meanwhile, Tanveer Rahman, a student of the social science department of the university, expressed his anger over the increase in the admission fee and said that the admission fee for the 2020-21 session of the cluster was Tk 8,600. Earlier in 19-20 session it was 8 thousand taka. 2018-19 session was Tk 7500 and 2017-18 session fee was Tk 6850.

“Now it has been increased to 15 thousand. But now almost double in one jump. The increase of 6 and a half thousand rupees is inhumane and unreasonable. We cannot accept this.”

“Besides, there are many students from poor and middle-class families whose admissions are also becoming uncertain,” added Tanveer.

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