Adar Azad’s ‘love’ is Archita Prasthia

Producer Roni comments, “The story is basically about the river, the cargo ship and some of the characters associated with it. I made this film for the audience of rural Bengal, leaving the table of familiar stories.

Appreciating the work of the artists, Roni said, “All those who are acting are working hard. Adar’s several scenes in particular were swimming in a river, drenched in rain, he had to do these scenes in extreme winter. Hope everyone will like the work.”

The producer said that since January 15, he has completed the shooting of the web film at different places in Dhaka’s Aminbazar and Manikganj districts. Now preparations for shooting are going on in Barisal. The rest of the movie is planned to be completed this week.

The web film produced by Bengal Multimedia will be released on the RTV Plus app.

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