Video will dominate Instagram in 2022: Mosseri

Now Instagram head Adam Moserio has admitted that the platform has put a ‘little too much’ emphasis on video and reels in 2022. As a result, conventional photo posts on the platform have also seen relatively few views.

“I think in 2022 there’s a lot of focus on video. As a result, posts related to videos are more viewed than images on the platform.” –Mosseri admitted the matter in one of his weekly Q&A sessions with users from his account.

Mosseri also said that since then, Instagram has been working behind the scenes to balance them. And its internal system shows, it works.

“The number of times someone likes or comments on a photo or video is now almost equal. It’s also a good sign that it’s balanced.” He said.

“The reason why more videos are coming to Instagram over time is because it is considered a medium of overall engagement. However, images will always be an important part of our work.”

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