Not for Bengali speakers, JK 71 is an international movie: Fakhrul Arefin

How many languages ​​are used in the movie?

four o’clock French, Spanish, English, Urdu. People speaking different languages ​​from different countries travel in one plane. They had no choice but to use four languages ​​to express themselves.

Not only Bengal. But the movie is made for Bengali language people.

There was no Bengali in the plane. Due to which there was no opportunity to use Bengali language. And I did not make this film for Bengali audience. To make it clear, JK-71 is an international film. I made it for the international audience. 1971 is a platform. The incident took place around 71. The movie is of general interest for Bangladeshi viewers. But this event was international; The movie is also made for international audience.

Four languages ​​in one movie. All languages ​​are important to the story. Making a movie using so many languages ​​is a daunting task. What thoughts dare to take this daring step?

I really had nothing to do. The characters were so multi-language, if I had gone to a single language, it would have been a mess. The most important thing is the beauty of this movie is multi language. Because there were 13 Pakistani passengers. Two are French, two are Spanish, the air hostesses are Pakistani, English and French are spoken in the control tower. One should let him speak his language, which I felt would create a dimension.

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