If you give a counter program, you have to take responsibility: Fakhrul

Complaining that the freedom of the media is being ‘taken away’ through this law, he said, “The freedom of the media is being taken away as a result of the misuse of this law on innocent people. We reiterate our demand for the immediate release of those imprisoned under this Act and repeal of the Digital Security Act.”

Stating the statistics of cases and arrests of party leaders, it was said in the press conference that arrests are going on all over the country, house to house searches, harassment, oppression and torture are going on.

“So far, the number of cases in the district-metropolis across the country is 542. 19 thousand 113 accused accused, 78 thousand 812 unknown accused and 2 thousand 555 arrested. This is the model of democracy the current government has created, the model of their environment.”

Fakhrul said, “We strongly condemn these arrests and filing of false cases. We hope that (the government) will immediately release all those detained in jail.”

BNP Secretary General condemned the arrest of Chittagong Youth Dal President Mosharraf Hossain Dipti and four leaders from Comilla Highway and demanded their release.

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