Stars infected with Covid return from Golden Globes

After returning from the Golden Globes awards ceremony in Los Angeles, several stars have been infected with Covid.

According to the BBC, several people including Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Jamie Lee Curtis and Michelle Pfeiffer have tested positive for Covid.

The 80th Golden Globe Awards took place last week at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. After that, the 28th edition of ‘Critics Choice Awards’ will be held in the same city on Sunday.

Guests were required to undergo a Covid test to attend the Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony. And there are many left out, who have gone to the Golden Globes ceremony before.

Michelle Pfeiffer took to Instagram to announce her illness, saying, “I’m so sorry to have missed the Critics’ Choice Awards today. Yes, because of covid.”

It was said that Michelle Pfeiffer will present the lifetime award to actor Jeff Bridges at this event. But as he dropped out, the award was presented by John Goodman.

Jamie Lee Curtis also took to Instagram to express her sadness at not being able to celebrate her colleagues at the Critics’ Choice Awards.

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