Lytton considers Shanto to be ‘very tough’ mentally

In the press conference after the match against Sylhet, Liton said that with strong mental strength, one day he will be able to break the web of calm and difficult times.

“I think he’s a very tough guy mentally. Since have been dealing with these for a long time…. If you have a fever, you will be disappointed one day. But when it becomes regular, you’ll think, ‘What the hell!’ The same has happened with Shanta. In an interview, he said, he feels that when he comes to play, he does not play against the opposing team, but plays against the whole country. It’s very difficult for a player.”

“Shant played so well in the World Cup from that point, turned around. I think he is a mentally strong boy, so there is nothing to say to him. He knows what to do. There will be good and bad. Mentally tough as I am, so am I. I think he will be back (in rhythm) very soon.”

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