BGB firing with Yaba Karbari in Cox’s Bazar

According to the notification, at that time a special patrol team of Balukhali BOP was near it and quickly went to the conflict area and took a ‘tactical’ position. Sensing the presence of the BGB, the Yaba traders started firing at them.

“When the BGB patrol team fired back from a strategic position to protect their lives and property and government assets, the Yaba traders dispersed.”

The notification also said that at this time, another patrol team from Balukhali BOP quickly joined the previous BGB members. At the same time, ARC patrols from nearby Ghumdhum BOP also increased BGB strength at the spot by adding pickups.

The ‘Yaba terrorists’ then fled towards Myanmar, the circular said.

The BGB patrol suffered no casualties in the firing; However, it is not known whether any members of the ‘Yaba traders’ have been injured, BGB said.

Currently all BOPs are on high alert and patrolling and intelligence activities have also been increased.

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