Student union protests in Jahangirnagar University on three demands

The student union of Jahangirnagar University Sangsad has protested on these three demands: quick opening of the new hall, stopping the ‘public room-guestroom culture’ and stopping the extortion of student organizations associated with the ruling party.

On Tuesday afternoon, the protest march started from the Murad Chatwar area of ​​the university and ended in front of the administrative building after passing through several roads. At that time, the protestors held a short rally there.

Alif Mahmud, organizing secretary of students’ union Zabi Sangsad, said in the rally, “The administration cannot give seats even though it is a residential university. Students are subjected to ragging in the common room-guest room without getting a seat. But the administration cannot expel the non-students from the hall. This administration has failed.

“The new halls were promising. The administration is struggling to open those halls. The vice-chancellor promised to open the hall in November last year but has yet to implement it.”

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