Seeing the crowd, Obaidul Quader is annoyed and wants to leave the stage

“If there are 50 people sitting on the stage, why do you have to name everyone with adjectives?” Reduce time, increase speech time. And there are some who don’t want to sit even if they pull their clothes and panjabi, they go on giving speeches. There is no substance in that speech. They are saying that the car is running. Bro, stop the marathon speeches. Talk about substance.”

“Let those who speak well speak. There are those who are good at work, make them work, some who are good at speech, make them speak. I need to build bridges with people. If you want to build that bridge, you have to talk that way,” said Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader.

Emphasizing on bringing order to the party, he said, “My promise as the third time general secretary is to make the Awami League orderly. Awami League must be freed from chaos.

“There will be no compromise with those who will use the identity of Awami League for extortion, mastani, drug trade, land grabbing. There will be an uncompromising fight against them.”

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