Arsonists will not be tolerated in Mro neighborhood: Human Rights Commission Chairman

On the night of January 1, three houses in Rengyen Mro neighborhood were completely destroyed by fire. At that time three houses were completely destroyed by the attackers. Two more houses were attacked and vandalized and looted of cash, household goods and livestock.

Even though the residents blamed the people of Lama Rubber Industries Limited for this incident, the company authorities denied it.

Kamal Uddin, chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, went to the spot on Tuesday and said that there is a need for further investigation in this matter. The investigation began when the fire was first set on April 26 last year.

“I was trying to collect information about them,” he said, pointing out that some information was yet to be obtained. Unfortunately, this incident happened on the night of January 1. We ourselves are sorry for that.”

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