The EVM project did not materialize, but the EC did not give up hope

EC also gave a warning message after expectations, it did not bear fruit, the project of buying EVMs did not come up in ECNEC meeting.

It was being said by the EC that if this project is not passed in the first part of January, EVM voting in 150 seats in the 12th Parliament election will not be possible.

In mid-January, after the Eknek meeting on Tuesday, when asked by reporters, Planning Minister MA Mannan said that this project did not come up in the meeting.

He said, “The EVM project was not on the list in today’s meeting. So there was no discussion about it. Hon’ble Prime Minister also did not want to know anything about this.”

When asked about the current status of the project, Mannan said, it is ‘properly under process’.

“If this project doesn’t happen, it’s a national question. Election Commission is a constitutional institution. They will act like them.”

The EC’s plan to hold parliamentary elections early next year envisages EVM voting in half of the parliamentary seats (150).

For that purpose, on October 19, the EC prepared a project of Rs. After returning once, the proposal was reformed and sent again.

But seeing no progress in November Election Commissioner. Alamgir said, if the project is not passed by mid-January, further work will not be possible.

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