Taliban officials are buying Twitter’s ‘blue tick’

It costs the account holder $8 a month for the blue mark, but if one’s device is an Apple device, then he has to pay $11.

In the fight against spam and bots, Twitter Blue users are getting priority in ‘searches, mentions and replies’, the platform said.

Taliban officials and supporters now have ‘Blue Tick’ accounts, none of whom had this special mark before the service was launched. At that time Twitter authorities used to verify the user’s identity and give the blue tick.

After Kabul returned to power in August 2021, Taliban officials took control of all ‘verified’ accounts of the previous Afghan administration, including the cricket board.

A golden tick is now adorning the account of that cricket board.

According to Twitter’s new policy, accounts for businesses will have a gold tick, while others, including government authorities, will have a gray tick.

Taliban officials and supporters have long been fans of Twitter, often using the platform to spread their message.

Twitter authorities did not respond to a request for comment on the ‘blue tick’ next to the names of Taliban officials.

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