What was seen in Farage’s trailer

Mustafa Saryar Farooqui’s ‘Saturday Afternoon’ is stuck in the country, but ‘Faraz’ is moving towards release in India.

The trailer of the Bollywood movie directed by Hansal Mehta was released on the YouTube channel of the production company T Series on Monday.

The film is based on the terrorist attack on the Holy Artisan Bakery in Dhaka, which is set to release on February 3.

1 July 2016, Dhaka, Bangladesh is written on the screen at the beginning of the 2 minute 6 second trailer. To show that it is Dhaka, the familiar traffic jam of the capital of Bangladesh should be shown.

A two-storey restaurant modeled after Gulshan’s Holy Artisan Bakery is shown in the very next shot. Short shots show staff busy preparing food, as well as customers having a good time.

On the night of July 1, 2016, armed militants attacked that restaurant in Gulshan and took hostage many local and foreign people. Bangladeshi youth Faraz Ayaz Hossain was among them.

According to others who were rescued, that day the militants wanted to release Faraz, but he did not leave his friends. Later he had to face death along with others.

The next day after the restaurant was cleared of militants by a commando operation, the bodies of 17 foreigners and three Bangladeshis including Faraz, who were killed by the militants, were recovered.

18 seconds into Farage’s trailer, the armed militant group appears on screen. The restaurant became heavy with gunshots, killings and screams.

Farage’s argument with the militants, the helplessness of the hostages is shown along with the activities of the law and order forces.

At one point in the trailer Faraz Hussain is introduced as the ‘Prince of Bangladesh’ in the words of the militants.

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