50 rupees mosque

We woke up very early in the morning and after drinking date juice we left for Bagha Masjid.

The first time I saw the mosque, I liked it very much. There are many beautiful paintings on the walls of the mosque. As it was Friday, there were many people there that day. I went around to see the mosque and asked my uncle, “Now tell me, uncle, what does the Bagha mosque worth 50 taka mean?” Then uncle told me the history of the mosque…

This mosque was built in 1523 AD. This 500-year-old structure was built by Sultan Nasir Uddin Nusrat Shah, the son of Alauddin Shah, the founder of the Husni Shah dynasty. The main attraction of the 10-domed mosque is the beautifully crafted painted brick walls.

Do you know a funny thing? Rajshahi’s tradition of mango is used in its terracotta, with mango portraits. Due to its aesthetic craftsmanship and unique beauty, the mosque featured on the 50 Taka note printed in 1999. Hence its name ‘Bagha Mosque of 50 taka note’. It is popularly known as ’50 Taka Mosque’.

I looked around to know the history of the mosque from my uncle. There is a big pond on one side of the mosque. There is a shrine on the other side and a museum next to it.

Now it’s time for us to go. I thanked my uncle a lot. I learned a lot about my uncle today. I want to visit Rajshahi again.

Author: Student, Class VII, Cosmopolitan School and College, Dhaka

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