After the arrest, the brother of the council was remanded

Anwar Uddin is the councilor of ward number 1 of the municipality and the younger brother of Jubo League president of the same ward Kamal Uddin and the accused number two in the case. It has been mentioned in the case that Anwar committed the murder by shooting with a pistol.

Anwar’s brother Kamal has also been arrested and is in jail. Apart from this, his nephew Hriday Hossain has been arrested.

On the other hand, the house of Ibrahim, accused number four in the case, is Shailpara Baro Quarter Mahalla of Ishwardi Municipality. All the four accused in the case were arrested.

According to the police, on the night of January 4, there was a collision between a passenger van (shallow machine driven) and a Laguna at the Kacharipara junction of Ishwardi Airport Road. It broke the front glass of Laguna. The driver of the Laguna stopped the vehicle and demanded a fine from the driver for breaking the glass.

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