Guitarist Jeff Beck is gone

Beck won his first Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance in 1985 for ‘Escape’. He won five more Grammys in the same category.

Beck’s popular songs include ‘Heart Full of Sour’, ‘I’m Not Superstitious’, ‘Truth’, ‘Free Away Jam’.

Beck also recorded an album with Johnny Depp titled ‘Eighten’ last year.

In response to Beck’s death, his band member Stewart wrote on Twitter, “Beck was one of the few guitarists in the world who would listen to my music while playing and give me feedback. Oh Jeff, you were unique!”

Another member of the band, Wood, tweeted in remembrance, “Miss you so much. Thanks Beck for the early days of Jeff Beck Group. At that time we broke all the rules of music, which is quite novel. Breakthrough Rock ‘n Roll!”

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