The report of the PBI chief’s case against Babul Akhtar has been delayed again

Earlier, Babul Akhtar filed a case against PBI chief Banaj Kumar and six police officers in the court, alleging custodial torture in the Mitu murder case.

Two days after the court rejected the application, Additional IGP Banaj Kumar filed a case against Babul.

The PBI filed a charge sheet against Mitu in the case filed by her husband Babul Akhtar in the case of Mitu’s murder six years ago. He has been in jail since his arrest in May 2021.

According to the statement of the case made by the PBI chief, this former police officer detained in prison is resorting to ‘various criminal schemes and conspiracies’ with the defendants located in the country and abroad to undermine the image of Bangladesh Police and PBI, including by diverting the investigation of the Mitu murder case.

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