Prince Harry’s ‘ghost writer’, who is Morringer?

In Morringer’s words, “A major characteristic of Agassi’s personality is his ‘self-destructive’ attitude. (reads Freud) I realize that I was pushing away the very idea that it might be an innate part of his character.”

Agassi’s analysis of the psychology of Morringer’s observations, now also in the case of Prince Harry, three things come to the fore. They are both complex people, both have a history of strained relationships with their fathers.

The BBC writes that Morringer’s view may have stemmed from a complicated relationship with his own father.

Morringer shed light on the events of his childhood in his autobiography, The Tender Bar, published in 2005. Growing up on Long Island with her mother, she found an Uncle Charlie ‘like a father’ among the regulars at a local pub.

His own father was a ‘rock and roll DJ’ of FM radio back in the day. He left his family and children.

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