Chhatra League conference in the school ground, allegation of forcing students to come

Three students of Miabazar Degree College said that the principal of their institution, Rahmat Ullah Babul, is the General Secretary of Upazila Awami League. The institute has a committee of Chhatra League. The leaders of that committee forced the students to come to this conference.

The students said that there was no class in the college on Wednesday. They were pretty much ‘forced’ to be there from 10am to 3pm.

Some students of Latiful Necha High School and Miyabazar Toshan Rafiq Girls’ School said that after coming to school in the morning, the teachers asked them to participate in the MP’s function. So they came there.

Expressing anger, a parent named Shahidur Rahman said, “It is a sad matter that more than a thousand students of four institutions suffered for a union conference of Chhatra League. And the issue of forcing students to sit on political programs cannot be accepted in any way.”

This parent opined that this conference could have been held on weekends as well.

However, when asked about this, the head teacher of Miabazar Government Primary School Ferdousi Akhter said, “We have not closed the class; However, none of the classes were able to take classes on Wednesday due to the microphone and sound box installed around the BCL conference. It was not possible to take classes due to excessive noise.

“And we tried to keep the students within the institution. But when the song (cultural program) starts there (at the venue), many students go to listen to the song.”

Miabazar Latiful Necha High School Principal Wali Ullah said, “We have not closed the class. Morning class is done. And I don’t want to get in trouble for talking about it. You spoke to the principal of Miyabazar Degree College (General Secretary of Upzilla Awami League) about the matter.

In the evening, Principal of Miabazar Degree College and General Secretary of Chauddagram Upazila Awami League Rahmat Ullah Babul said, “I am busy in an event. I will talk to you about this later.

Upazila Chhatra League President Toufiqul Imlam Sabuj’s mobile phone was called several times to know about these issues, but he did not receive.

Upazila Secondary Education Officer AKM Mir Hossain was contacted by mobile phone at night to find out about these issues, but he refused to comment showing his busy schedule.

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