Cows were shot and looted at night in Ramu, the body of the young man was recovered in the morning

Mohammad Ali, a resident of Officechar area and the owner of the looted cows, said that on Tuesday around 3:00 midnight, organized bandits took away the seven cows in his cowshed.

When his daughter found the cowshed empty at night, the family members started running in search of cows. Later he went to the main road and saw the bandits trying to take the cows in the car.

He said that his relatives also tried to take away the looted cows from the bandits. At that time, when the robbers fired at his daughter’s son-in-law Farooq, he missed the target and escaped with his life.

“My nephew Mir Kashem was missing since the incident. In the morning, locals found Mir Kashem’s dead body in a nearby vegetable field.

“It is believed that the robbers physically tortured and killed Mir Kashem and left him there with his hands, feet and face tied.”

Mohammad Ali said, Mir Kashem’s two hands behind his back, face, eyes, and legs were found in a blocked condition.

Farooq, who was beaten by robbers, said that two robbers started beating him when he stopped the cows in the car. Later tried to tie him up.

“At one point, when I restrained one robber, four others came and started beating me. Later, when a bullet was fired at me, it missed the target and I saved my life.”

At that time, when the relatives went ahead, the robbers got stuck with two big cows in the car, said the youth.

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