Separate lane of rickshaws on the road of Tejgaon truck stand

“I have seen that the road is very wide, that is why trucks leave it on the road. If we make separate lanes for rickshaws and bicycles then the footpath will be fine. Trucks cannot cross. Vehicles will be able to ply in the remaining portion.”

This road connecting Karwan Bazar, Farmgate and Tejgaon railway station through the railway crossing from Satrasta was occupied as a truck stand for a long time. Anisul Haque cleared the road after becoming mayor. Because of this, the city corporation workers had to engage in conflict with the truck workers.

Recently, the area has been visited, from Tejgaon Satrasta to the road in front of the tack stand to the railway crossing, a three feet wide separate lane is being made along the footpath on both sides. An iron barrier has been installed in this area. Renovation is being done along the footpath.

In between, there are two more lanes for vehicular movement outside the non-mechanized lane. Trucks have been occupying those two lanes. Trucks, vans, pickups are there during the day and the number increases at night. There is a long traffic jam.

Rickshaw and other vehicle movement became difficult. As the sidewalks are occupied by trucks, it becomes difficult to walk.

People don’t want to move in that direction even during the day because of the confusion due to random trucks. Day or night picture is more or less same.

There are several government and private offices around this road. Being a connecting road to Karwan Bazar, Tejgaon Railway Station, Holycross School and College, Science College and several other educational institutions and Farmgate, it is busy throughout most of the day and night.

However, because of the illegal trucks, vans and pickups, this road of about 100 feet has become narrow, making it difficult for rickshaws and cars to move. As the footpaths are also occupied, it becomes difficult to walk.

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