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I want to give you

At the end of the horizon is the dense Banani – the glow of evergreen

On the snowy crown of Giri Sringa – shining beauty. 

Udasi Baul in Ektar’s hand – Bairagi Jhola on his shoulder 

In the neck of Bhavani in Dush Daman – Nar Munder Mala.

In the middle of the pond full of shaluke – the buzzing of bees

In the bird’s nest in the evening – chirping and stirring.

The shepherds return with sticks on their shoulders – twilight twilight

Nature mingles with dusk – the game of red Abir.

A broken raft of a misguided sailor – a tall lamp house

A message of hope in the sea of ​​jewels – let the storm blow.

On the grassy bosom in the frosty air – The morning dew drop 

A white pearl on the breast of an oyster – Indus full of treasures.

In the night of divination in the leaves – golden fountains flow

The boys play with the playhouse – that’s the loss of self.

At the pull of the stick on the chest of the violin – a melody that plays

The star-studded sky Ganges – it does not seem far. 

Firm muscle full of youth – has blazing speed

Take everything unsparingly – it will seem like great love.

I want to present all the best to you 

Bored I am tired – there is no one but you.

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