Was supposed to dance ‘chaniya chaniya’, she was rejected as ‘fat’

Modeling and presenting on MTV gave Malaika Arora a lot of exposure, but her dance performance in the movie ‘Chaanya Chaanya’ went a long way. After that item song in Shahrukh Khan’s Dil Se, released in 1998, there was no looking back for Malaika.

While this song was not about Malaika dancing on a moving train, it was about Shilpa Shirodgar, this almost lost Bollywood actress told this information in an interview recently.

In an interview given to Times of India, Shilpa said that Farah Khan, the choreographer of the movie Dil Se, thought of her first to dance to the song of Chaiya Chaiya.

When asked why the job was not done, Shilpa said, “Later they thought I was too much for dancing. Later they chose Malaika.”

Shilpa’s Bollywood journey started in 1989 as the heroine in Mithun Chakraborty’s movie ‘Bhrashtachare’. He acted in nine movies with Mithun. Considered as a promising actress then, she also acted in Hum, Khuda Gawa opposite Amitabh Bachchan.

After getting married to Madhuri Dixit in 2000, he said goodbye to cinema.

Shilpa said body shape or weight never became a challenge in her career. These were not even important in the 90s. They worked in many movies then, they had to work hard to diversify their characters.

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