There are no unauthorized clinics in Dhaka, claims the health minister

Out of the unlicensed medical centers identified then, 3,535 were in Dhaka Division, 2,232 in Chittagong Division, 1,523 in Khulna Division, 1,438 in Rajshahi Division, 1,999 in Rangpur Division, 963 in Mymensingh Division, 603 in Barisal Division and 546 in Sylhet Division.

After the list was made, the Department of Health closed 1,641 unauthorized hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers in May last year. Then in August another round of raids closed at least seven hundred establishments, various clinics were also fined.

Apart from this, raids are conducted at various times. The health minister commented that now no health center is running in Dhaka without approval.

In response to another question in the Parliament, Zahid Malek said, “Private hospitals and clinics are being regularly inspected by the inspection team under the management of the Department of Health. At this time, if irregularities are observed, action is taken according to the rules. Also, if any specific complaint is found, registration of private hospitals and clinics will be canceled along with taking legal action against the authorities subject to investigation.”

In response to the question of Member of Parliament Didarul Alam, the Health Minister said that the government has taken up the project of establishing one full-fledged cancer hospital in each divisional city, where it will be possible to ensure the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients of all ages, including children.

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