Due to lack of re-agent, 8 types of tests are closed in Tajuddin Medical

Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmad Medical College Hospital in Gazipur has closed eight types of tests for almost a year due to lack of reagents. As a result, the suffering of the patients has increased as well as the medical expenses.

Momen Hossain Molla, technologist of the pathology department of the hospital, said that due to lack of reagents, they have not been able to perform eight important tests including serum electrolytes, troponin-I, TSB, T-3 and T-4, FSH, HBA-1C, LH for almost a year. .

Earlier, when the matter was reported to the authorities, a small amount of re-agent was purchased and some tests lasted for a month. But after that the previous situation. This problem has not been solved yet.

Technologist Momen said that the hospital charged 300 taka for troponin test and 200 taka for electrolyte test, 250 taka for HBA-1C, 200-300 taka for T-3 and T-4.

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