Musharraf Karim is overwhelmed by the praise of Jai Goswami

Actor Musharraf Karim’s performance was praised by the voice of West Bengal poet Jai Goswami, who is very popular among Bengali poetry lovers. The poet requested Musharraf to convey his ‘Pranam’ to Karim.

Joy Goswami highly praised Musharraf Karim’s performance during a speech in a session on poetry on the second day of Dhaka Lit Fest on Friday. The discussion program titled ‘Mukhomukhi’ was held at Bangla Academy’s Nazrul Manch. Conducted by poet Shamim Reza.

Joy Goswami said, “I have seen the performance of actor Musharraf Karim. If any of you meet him, convey my salutations to him. Tell him, an old man from Calcutta city bowed to him. This is my request to you.”

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