After 38 years, the NASA satellite will ‘crash’ on Earth

A NASA satellite in space is likely to crash into the Earth’s surface after nearly four decades. It is known as ‘Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS)’.

It was launched into space in 1984 by the space shuttle ‘Challenger’. Initially, NASA sent it into space for just two years to study how Earth absorbs and radiates energy from the Sun.

However, it continued to work on weight levels and other atmospheric matters until it was retired in 2005.

And the “object” of about two and a half tons will now hit the surface, according to the report of the British media, Sky News.

According to NASA, most of the satellite will burn up before re-entering the surface. However, some part of it is likely to remain in fragments.

NASA says the chance of debris from the falling satellite hitting anyone is ‘extremely low’. Even if these debris falls directly on a population on the surface, the risk of physical injury is about one in 10,000.

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