‘New epidemics will come,’ said Gilbert to prepare

He said, “It is difficult to say which vaccine is effective in the long term because we have to deal with so many types. We have always told people that it is not a competition between different vaccine manufacturers, because the world needs many types and quantities of vaccines to give people. It’s not a matter of who won?”

Sarah Gilbert added, “The pharmaceutical industry works in such a way that one cannot achieve everything. We need to develop many types of vaccines and if everyone produces vaccines with the same technology, it will not be good.

“Because we have a crisis in our supply chain, we have a crisis in raw materials. If everyone made the same vaccine, we wouldn’t have so much raw material together. I think, one should think about which vaccine meets all the criteria for use and based on that decide which vaccine to use.”

To a question about the occurrence of blood clots in some cases as a result of the use of the Oxford vaccine, he said, “It is a very rare thing. But nothing is without risk. All I can say is that not getting vaccinated is more dangerous than getting vaccinated.”

The British scientist said, “In the case of young people, the symptoms are not manifested in the same way.” Sometimes it resolves with mild symptoms.

“However, even if the death rate is low, there will be a lot of pressure on hospitals if the number of cases is high. Then it becomes difficult to deal with it.”

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