TIB concerns over Secretary’s ‘power’ in ACC appointments and transfers

In the statement, TIB Executive Director Iftekharuzzaman asked, “According to the relevant law, the executive power of the ACC is entrusted to the chairman and the commissioners under his leadership, in relation to the main mandate of this institution, this important decision to handover the said executive power to the secretary has been made by what process and on what logic?” How much has been considered about the threat of the power of the Commission?

“It is natural to question whether the decision was taken consciously by the Commission, or the product of a sinister attempt to transform this important body, so long termed as a ‘toothless tiger’, into reality.”

Commenting on the importance of getting a logical answer to these questions, he said, “Especially why the commission decided to leave some other important powers in the hands of the secretary and the bureaucracy in the hands of the secretary and the bureaucracy? That also needs clarification.”

Criticizing the explanation of the ACC on this decision, he said, “The interpretation given by the ACC of following the example of various departments and departments of the government is indicative of failure to understand that the ACC is not a government institution.”

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