Day-long shelling in Bakhmut, ‘pointless’ Putin ceasefire

30-year-old Vasil Lisin works as a humanitarian volunteer in Bakhmu. He said, “Cease fire, you know how it works exactly?

“When Putin says there is a ceasefire, in reality the opposite is happening. There is no ceasefire. They fired heavily on us yesterday as well. The night was more or less silent. But that’s what they always do. One day they are firing heavily, the next day they are silent.”

Olha considers Putin’s declaration of a cease-fire at Christmas to be a ploy to deceive them. “I think they have cheated us,” he said. It is quite clear to me.

“Besides, what else can I tell you? If someone makes a promise, he must keep it. Promises are made to be kept. I don’t understand at all, what do they really need?”

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