‘Sleep reminder’ feature in TikTok test

A spokesperson for the company said, TikTok is constantly working on new ways to keep the user’s health in mind. And the new tool is based on various ‘health-based’ features of the app.

The app launched various ‘screen-time management tools’ in February 2020. Since then, it has come with various additional features aimed at giving the user more control over the use of the app.

Last June, TikTok introduced a new tool within the app to control how much time users spend sitting. Besides, it also comes with the facility of scheduling regular ‘screen-time’ breaks.

By default, the app suggests the user to choose an interval of 10, 20 or 30 minutes. However, if you want a relatively long or short break, the app also keeps that option open by setting a ‘custom time’.

And the app has also stopped sending notifications at night for various accounts of teenagers. TikTok has stopped sending notifications to users aged 13-15 after 9pm and 16-17 after 10pm.

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