BTS now in the hands of Jean Grenade!

Kim Seok-Jin, who is known through music, is now playing with grenades! The scene of this BTS member throwing a grenade is now circulating on social media.

Not actually in a war, but because military training is mandated by state law, Jin is now in an army camp. There is a photo of this K-pop band member throwing a grenade on social media.

The Yeoncheon Military Training Center posted two photos of Jin in action on Twitter on Friday, Hindustan Times reported.

Jean was in military uniform in the picture. He was throwing a hand grenade forward.

Jin and the rest of the crew were undergoing CBR (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) countermeasures training, the training center said.

In another photo, Jin was surrounded by colleagues. One of them helped him wash his face by passing a bottle of water. A badge can also be seen on Jean’s shoulder at that time.

BTS fans have assumed that Jin is the company commander of the trainees.

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