Time with Salman Khan was horrible, says former lover

At the beginning of the year, his ex-girlfriend Somi Ali raised anger and pain by accusing Bollywood star Salman Khan of torture again; He described the love affair as ‘terrible’. The former actress says that she wants to forget that time in her life.

Somi’s claim this time is that she saw the horror of domestic violence with Salman, reports NDTV.

Earlier in August, Somi was in the news for calling Salman a ‘rapist of women’ as well as a ‘cheat-rapist’. Then, in December, Somi revealed on social media that when her romance with Salman faded, the Bollywood star used to torture her by smoking cigarettes.

Pakistani actress Somi Ali made her Bollywood debut in the early 90s of the last century. That’s when he got involved with Salman Khan. Their love lasted till 1999. Prem describes those years as the ‘worst’ period of his entire existence.

But this time Somi did not say anything on his own. Someone asked Somi on Instagram that earlier she had made various allegations against Salman on social media and later deleted those posts.

What is the reason for this?

Somi’s reply in reply- “Eight years of horror. Love life, sex life, all round was bad. I want to erase the time spent with Salman from my life.”

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