Konkan winters with northerly winds

With foggy skies throughout the day, along with northerly winds, civil life is feeling the intensity of winter in the Konkan air in the capital in the latter half of Poush.

According to the information of the Department of Meteorology, no cold current is flowing anywhere in the country; But bone-shaking winter is felt in vast areas including Rangpur, Rajshahi, Dhaka, Khulna and Mymensingh divisions.

The lowest temperature in the country was recorded at Srimangal in Sylhet division on Tuesday 19th Paush at 8.5 degrees Celsius.

Among other places, the minimum was 14.5 degrees Celsius in Dhaka, 10.5 degrees Celsius in Rajshahi, 13 degrees Celsius in Rangpur, 11.5 degrees Celsius in Mymensingh, 10.7 degrees Celsius in Chittagong, 13.2 degrees Celsius in Khulna and 11.6 degrees Celsius in Barisal. The lowest temperature was recorded.

When the minimum temperature falls below 6 degrees Celsius over a large area, it is called a severe cold front. Temperatures between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius are moderate and temperatures between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius are mild.

Meteorologist Omar Farooq said, “There is no cold current anywhere today. However, in addition to the relatively low daytime temperatures, many areas including the capital are experiencing winter in Konkan due to the northerly winds.”

While informing that such weather will continue for a few more days, he said that mild cold currents will also flow in some places.

Explaining the reason for the severity of winter, Omar Farooq said, “The temperature remains low throughout the day as the sun is not visible through the fog. It also reduces the difference between maximum and minimum temperature. Due to the light air during this time, it feels more cold during the day than at night.”

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