‘What are the parties getting by spending 10-15 crore rupees?’ Khaled Mahmud’s question about BPL

“But if not, you take the team for 8 years, lose the first three years, then break even, then start making a profit. If not, not everyone will want to come. At the end of the day, they are all businessmen. They will understand the business.”

According to the former captain of the country, a financial structure like IPL should be built, where both BCB and franchises benefit.

“If you go to the format of the IPL… we have to think like that to some extent. So that there is a ‘win win’ situation for the franchise and BCB. BCB earns little money from this. It should be for the parties as well. How to bring ‘win win’ situation, how to do ‘business module’ is very important. We have to think that way.”

Khaled Mahmood believes that if the financial base is strong, if the franchisees get the opportunity of long-term planning, the overall development of cricket in the country will be from BPL.

“As IPL franchises do, they scout for talent throughout the year. Works all year round. Playing IPL for a month or two is over, not so much. Do something all year round. When BPL franchisees do this, BCB’s job will also become easier. If they work along with BCB, find talent, if they have an academy, then good for cricket in the country. Then we will get something better from the pipeline.”

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