Walking companion wheelchair is the shop

His family has to struggle to pay for eye treatment and medicine. So he runs the shop himself to support the family and bear his own expenses. His shop is the only wheelchair accessible.

There are various items such as chips, pickles, biscuits, chocolates, chanachurs, arranged with bamboos. By selling it, the income is 300 to 500 taka per day. It covers the cost of own medicine.

Sometimes Nayan is seen in front of the gate of Comilla University, sometimes Shalban Vihar, and sometimes in front of the Buddhist temple. Nayan’s mother visits him every day between 9 am and 10 am, and takes him home in the evening.

Rasheda Begum said that more than five lakh rupees have been spent on eye treatment so far. Nayan receives Tk 4,200 per year as disability allowance. This means little in a bull market. It is difficult for the family to bear the expenses. At the age when it is supposed to run around with friends, play sports and go to school, the life of the world has caught up.

Nayan’s strong desire to study. Studied up to fifth standard in a local school. His mother used to bring him there until the school was closed due to the epidemic. But due to increased financial hardship post-Covid, Nayan no longer went to school. The school was also closed after a few days due to student crisis.

But Nayan still wants to go back to school and continue his studies if given the opportunity. Mother Rasheda Begum also wants to fulfill this wish of her son if someone bears the cost of treatment and studies.

Author: Azaharul Islam, Student, Islamic University, Kushtia

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