‘Yes, I was a playboy’, Imran told General Bajwa

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa called him a ‘playboy’ in his last meeting with the then army chief before he was ousted in a trust vote.

Speaking to reporters at his Lahore residence on Monday, Imran said this while talking about the three ‘dirty audios’ circulated in his name.

“What message are we sending to our youth through such dirty audio and video,” Imran said, indirectly blaming the ruling elite, who are recording such audios, Press Trust of India (PTI) reported.

Three recently leaked audio clips have created a stir in Pakistan’s political circles. The opposition says that there is evidence of Imran’s ‘phone sex’ in those three clips.

Imran’s party Tehreek-e-Insaf called the three clips fake.

However, the current Home Minister Rana Sanaullah has claimed that all three clips are genuine and such video clips will also be made public in the future.

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