A pair of 35 kg corals in a prison net, sold for 35 thousand

A pair of coral fish weighing 35 kg has been caught by a fisherman in Barashi in Naf River on the border of Shah Pari Island of Teknaf Upazila of Cox’s Bazar.

On Tuesday morning, two fishes were caught in the fishing rod of Amir Hossain, a fisherman in Shah Pari Dwip Jalia Para area of ​​Sabrang Union of Upazila.

Among them, the weight of the big coral is 18 kg and the small coral is 17 kg. Later he sold the two fishes to Nurul Alam, a fishmonger of Teknaf Municipality.

Fisherman Amir Hossain said, sitting on the jetty of Shah Pari Island, he threw barashi in the Naf river in the morning. After about an hour he tried to pull the barashi. But Barashi took the help of another person as he felt it was too heavy. After pulling up the barashi, he saw that a coral fish was trapped.

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