Handwriting also indicates health

Many can get a positive or negative impression of a person by looking at their handwriting or the intensity of the ink flow. ‘Pastocity’ is the variation of ink flow over individual writing.

A positive or beautiful pastocity indicates that he has great taste in music, food and finery. Such people like thick ink and creative writing.

People with negative ‘pastocity’ tend to write hygienically or overwrite. It indicates a person’s negative outlook, loneliness, suppressed suffering, etc. which indicates a person’s mental health or illness.

How close or far apart the letters are in writing gives an idea of ​​a person’s mental health. Even if the varna writing line is crooked, it indicates the health problems of the person.


The fast pace of writing gives an idea about the mental balance of the person. If you write quickly, the writing is a little drawn out and the final writing is pointed. There is a jolt when writing them. This can be caused by – throat, leg or lung problems.

Sudhir Cove recommends observing your handwriting and practicing handwriting.

One can also try improving mental health through handwriting with the advice of a ‘graphology’ expert.

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