Lons won the league by beating PSG

The fight on the field started with a minute of applause for Pele. Lans created opportunities in the first minute. However, PSG’s defense handled the first attack well.

But after a while, their lack of coordination came out. A few players from Lans who quickly counterattacked were completely unguarded. One of them, Masadio Haidara’s bullet-speed volley from close to the byline, was thwarted by Gianluigi Donnarumma.

However, PSG’s Italian goalkeeper could not completely clear the danger. The rest was done effortlessly by unguarded Polish midfielder Frankowski. The game was five minutes in total!

PSG woke up after falling behind. The French champions equalized minutes later. Nardi Mukiel’s through ball was touched by Lance goalkeeper Bryce Samba. Ekiti sent the ball into the net at that time! The hosts strongly protested. However, the referee blows the goal whistle with the help of VAR.

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