Separate coaches for women in metro rail

“Initially, the public will not be able to get used to or get used to running trains every four minutes. Again we will bring the standing time down to maybe 30 seconds at a time. But if you don’t give a minute or two in the beginning, passengers will get on and off easily, these things won’t happen. For this we will stand longer in the beginning.”

There are 9 metro rail stations from Uttara to Agargaon, including- Uttara North, Uttara Centre, Uttara Dakshin, Pallabi, Mirpur 11, Mirpur 10, Kazipara, Sheorapara and Agargaon.

The officials in charge of the construction and management of the metro rail said that the metro rail made with the latest technology will run at a maximum speed of 100 km. The fare is Tk 5 per kilometer, but the minimum fare is Tk 20. Initially the MRT pass will be issued from the ticket only station counter and can be recharged.

DMTCL officials said, initially tickets for specific journeys (single journey tickets) can be purchased from station counters or ticket vending machines. Besides, MRT passes will be issued and recharged from station counters.

Officials said that it will be possible to recharge MRT pass money with mobile banking service later.

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