Tunisha was not pregnant, but died of suffocation

Indian TV actress Tunisha Sharma was not pregnant before her death. He died of suffocation due to strangulation, no injury was found on his body.

India Today reported that this information was found in the post-mortem report of the actress. An autopsy on Tunisha’s body was conducted at Mumbai’s JJ Hospital on Sunday.

After Tunisha’s death, her love affair with her co-star Shezaan Khan in the TV serial came to light. Meanwhile, rumors that the 20-year-old actress was pregnant on social media were baseless, police officials said.

Mumbai Police arrested her co-star and ex-boyfriend Shejan Khan in a case of ‘instigating’ Tunisha’s suicide on Sunday. Tunisha’s mother filed a case with the Mumbai police on Sunday night accusing Shejan of abetting suicide. Later that morning Shezan was arrested by the police.

According to the complaint in the case, there was a love affair between Tunisha and Shejan. However, their relationship broke up 15 days before Tunisha’s death. Tunisha was suffering from depression after the ‘break-up’ of a love relationship, which pushed her to commit suicide.

Tunisha’s other co-star Parth Jutish was also called to the police station for questioning.

Parth said, “I have no idea about their (Tunisha-Shejan) relationship. It is their internal matter. The police called me and asked me simple questions.”

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