Miraj got Kohli’s jersey as a gift

At the end of the Mirpur test, the prize distribution is waiting to begin. Mehedi Hasan Miraj lost the scent of victory. Despite taking 5 wickets, the team could not win. A smile appeared on his dark face when he suddenly received a response from someone. Virat Kohli called the Bangladesh all-rounder and gifted him a jersey.

Mirage asked Kohli for one of his jerseys during the ODI series. He got the desired gift at the end of the Test series. Kohli has written ‘To Mehidy, Best wishes’ with his autograph on the back of India’s ODI jersey.

Miraj later told that Kohli had made quite a joke while giving the gift.

“I asked him for a jersey. It is a great thing to have a jersey of a great batsman like him in your collection. Today he called and gave the jersey. He also joked, ‘Mehdi, you are taking the jersey from me by throwing me out…!’ It’s great that such a great cricketer has remembered my words and given a gift.”

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