Iran’s Supreme Court accepts the appeal of a protester who was sentenced to death

Iran’s Supreme Court has accepted an appeal by a protester who was sentenced to death for ‘participating in anti-government protests’.

The protester’s name is Saman Syedi. Reuters reports that the Supreme Court has upheld the lower court’s ruling by not accepting the appeal of another protester who was sentenced to death with him, Mohammad Kabadlu.

However, the court had initially accepted the appeals of both the protesters. But later another statement said that only Saman Syed’s appeal was accepted.

In mid-September, protests spread across Iran over the death of a Kurdish girl named Masha Amini in the custody of Iranian police. The police arrested Masha for not wearing hijab properly. According to Masha’s family, Masha fell into a coma after being beaten by the police during the arrest and died in the hospital three days after the arrest. Masha was in a coma for those three days.

The Iranian government admitted that 200 people were killed in the protests that lasted for about three months. Human rights organizations claim that more than three hundred protesters have been killed.

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