Living in ‘Mega City’ Dhaka, while toilet is a sad story for them

‘There is no one to see me’

One night recently, a man named Mizan was preparing to sleep in a passenger tent in Shahbagh. He said that since 1973, he has been living on the streets. When the topic of the toilet came up, he said, “Let’s go to the hospital toilet.”

“Many people take biodata like Aya Apan, but get nothing,” he added.

Muhammad Ali, who was preparing to sleep on the sidewalk in front of Kala Bhavan of Dhaka University, spoke in the same tone.

Reena Begum, a resident of Karail Basti in Mahakhali, continued to talk about the plight of sanitation facilities.

“Latrines are the next thing, own houses have gone into the river. Somehow I am left in this city to work. We will have to make do with what we have. There is no use for you. There is no one to see Amgore, no one will give anything.”

Expressing regret, housewife Lovely Begum of the same slum said, “2 latrines in 12 rooms, water does not come again, it is not possible to move like this.” This is to stay.”

Occupiers build houses on government land and rent them out. They are known to the residents as landlords. After talking to several slum dwellers, it was revealed that the ‘landlords’ do not care about sanitation, they only rent their houses.

In Shyamoli, 23 houses were seen in a row of slums built along the banks of the Kalyanpur Canal. Out of this there is only one toilet for 20 rooms. More than half a hundred people there have to go to that one toilet.

Three residents of that slum, on condition of anonymity, said that they do not get proper water and toilet facilities despite paying rent. When the party is in power, the leaders of that party raise money.

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