Russia has announced conditions for renewing the grain export agreement through the Black Sea

Ukraine’s grain shipments and Russian agricultural exports are part of an integrated package of “normalization processes” for global food security, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“Uninterrupted access to Russian food and fertilizers on the international market can only stabilize rising commodity prices,” the statement on Friday’s meeting said.

The United Nations statement on Friday said that the two sides are at the negotiating table to continue the initiative to export grain through the Black Sea and are continuing effective negotiations for this.

But Russian minister Versinin was quoted as saying that getting their agricultural sector financing bank back on the SWIFT network is a ‘key issue’ in this regard.

“Without it, of course we cannot proceed very naturally,” he said. But UN officials have assured to ‘consider’ it as a matter of priority, he said.

Last June, the European Union excluded the Russian bank from SWIFT because of the military aggression in Ukraine.

Russia blockaded the Black Sea when the war with Ukraine broke out last February. That led to a jump in the price of food grains around the world. Many poor countries dependent on Russia and Ukraine for grain faced food shortages. After that, the grain supply agreement was made by international initiative.

Ukraine and Russia signed the grain export agreement brokered by the United Nations and Turkey last July. Under this agreement, the first export of grain that had been blocked for export to war-torn Ukraine began. After that 9 million tons of wheat, sunflower products and edible oil were exported from Ukraine. This reduces the price of food grains around the world.

But just this week, Russia said Kiev had launched a drone attack on its Black Sea fleet; The vessels that were attacked were responsible for ensuring the security of the grain export corridor.

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