Remembrance day for Nur Hossain

Narrating the events of that day, the head of government said in his speech, “Nur Hossain was walking along with my car, when the procession reached the zero point, on the orders of the dictatorial government, the procession was first targeted by bombs and then fired, Nur Hossain and Babul were martyred.”

Commenting on the establishment of people’s right to vote and rice due to their sacrifices, Sheikh Hasina said, “In this movement-struggle for the restoration of democracy, many unknown people sacrificed their lives.

“Democracy was finally restored with the fall of the dictator on December 6, 1990, after continuous struggle. People get back the right to vote and rice.”

Since the fall of Ershad, every year November 10 is celebrated as Noor Hossain Day in memory of that tragic incident. And the name of the zero point is ‘Nur Hossain Chattar’.

On the occasion of the day, various political and socio-cultural organizations including Awami League, BNP have announced programs to pay tribute to Nur Hossain Square.

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