‘Tried for ransom’ in Libya, families ‘fear’

Then they were taken to Libya and tortured, and they sent pictures and videos of the torture and crying to their families and demanded ransom.

It is alleged that the families have become destitute after selling their houses to meet the demands of the brokers. They said that now another 10 lakhs ransom is being demanded.

Badshah Khan’s mother Kamla Begum said, “Habib Bepari of the neighboring house took my son to Libya 9 months ago after he told me to take him to Italy. 5 lakhs at the time of taking. After reaching Libya, I will sell the land and give another five lakh rupees.”

Kamla said that now they are demanding another 10 lakh rupees by sending pictures of torture on their mobile phones.

Alamin’s mother Manzila Begum said, “Our family does not survive at all; Even so, the broker took the son to Libya after paying 10 lakh rupees to the broker in the hope of a better life. They are detaining my son there and demanding another 10 lakh rupees.”

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